June 30, 2011

Super Clothes Whitener

4 aspirin tablets
1 cup hot water
1 load of dirty laundry

dissolve aspirin in hot water, add to a warm water load in machine. For already yellowed clothing, let them soak for 30 minutes, before putting through cycle

One Shot All-Purpose Cleaner

2 qts. of water
2 cups rubbing alcohol
1 tbs ammonia
1 tbs dishwashing liquid

combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. this spray will beat all other store bought ones!

June 13, 2011

How to protect your identity

always have your personal information away from tables whenever someone goes to work on your home

when thieves have your info, they'll make little purchases to see if you notice, before making big ones. Always watch for these changes!

people can steal your info, so they can then sell it to black market companies

never give out your full name to strangers, they could go to a database and get your info there

Radiation scare

here are some radiation facts you need before getting scared:

you would need 1,000 milliseverts of radiation to get sick

we all get radiation every year, equal to 64 x-rays

in order to have gotten sick in Japan, you would have to have been in the area for 2.5 hours