January 14, 2012

anti aging secrets

1. shrinking your pores

switch to a cleanser with salicylic acid.

2. let it rip

deflate and clean pores, the ones on your nose once a week with a pore strip

3. get more beauty sleep

going to bed 15 minutes earlier, for four nights in a row, will establish a routine where you get an extra hour of circle-zapping rest. Don't drink coffee after 3 pm and avoid exercising three hours before bedtime.

4. Put on antioxidants

The most potent ones are: CoffeeBerry, idebenone, green tea, pomegranate, and Coenzyme Q10.

5. wipe out dark spots

they can be lightened in as little as a month. hydroquinone should be dabbed directly onto brown spots every night

6. brighten up

get rid of dead skin cells, by using an at home glycolic acid peel twice a week

7. don't forget hands and neck

use sunscreen every day and use retinol at night. dab hydroquinone on sunspots, and exfoliate twice a week

January 7, 2012

car financing

never finance a car for more than 42 months (3 years and 6 months)

travel tips

most mcdonald's in tourist areas,offer atm's with 99 cent fees.

buy keepsakes at walmart or costco instead of at tourist shops

how to repel mosquitoes

mix 2 tbs. of garlic powder and 2 cups water in a spray bottle and use to spritz outdoor light before turning it on

what drink to avoid

citrus flavored herbal teas, which can lead to using the bathroom a lot

to prevent sunburns, buy these colors

red, blue, violet, lavender, or pink. but don't buy yellow or white clothing

how to save at the grocery store

fill cart with bulky items first, that way you'll have less room, making you purchase less items

tips on batteries

alkaline ones last four times longer than heavy duty ones

use "dead" batteries on less draining devices like toothbrushes or control

rub with alcohol infused cotton ball to revive them

how to haggle online

if there's a live chat option at a website, use it to haggle on items

to block UV rays

wear deep blue or dark red cover-up over your bathing suit

where to get cheaper items online

head to amazon.com/b/?node=517808 to see amazon's secret outlet store.

neat uses for tea bags

place a wet tea bag over razor cuts and nicks

put used tea bags in a shallow bowl and place in back of fridge. they'll work like baking soda

read this if you own a car or use detergent

tighten gas cap, until you hear a click, telling you the cap is secure, to risk losing gas, by it evaporating.

go to fuel economy.gov to get tips on car problems, etc.

use the fill line to use detergent

the best candles are

beeswax, because other ones emit toxins

cheaper Starbucks drink

order a short drink, they aren't on the menu, put cost less.

health and money and etc.

don't ever give credit card info over the phone when hotels call at night.

if you open the windows in a car, don't or you'll harden your arteries as much as breathing in second-hand smoke. close them and turn the A/C on instead.

gently rub scratches off cd's with a little toothpaste

if ipod or iphone won't work, press the sleep and home buttons at the same time and count to ten or head to the genius bar at the Apple store, where an expert will diagnose it. first go to apple.com to make an appointment so you won't have to wait.

if you want your nails to dry fast...

gently dip them in a bowl of ice cold water

How to look good in a photograph

1.Position yourself right

Make sure the photographer is just a tiny bit below your eye level. That will elongate your body and make you look thinner. If you're shot from above, you could look squat.

2. head it off

First, stretch your neck up (like a flamingo). Then lower your chin a little and look into camera, this will help avoid double chins.

3. don't say cheese

Don't say anything at all. Talking makes it easy for you to be caught up in a weird moment. Open your mouth like you're in the middle of saying cheese.

4. shift your weight

Then put the leg that's holding less weight slightly in front of the other. Turn body at a three-quarter angle to the camera, but keep face looking forward. You'll look curvy, with a smaller waist. This is what celeb's do to look thinner! Never put hands behind back or you'll look out of proportion.

5. look up

Stare just above the lens-this will open your eyes and make it look like you're energized. And blink, so you won't look like glassy eyed freak.

6. don't freeze

Don't stiffen up, when the photographer counts to three.

January 2, 2012

really good tips-everyone must read this!

Towels made of 100% cotton will dry you faster and more thoroughly than others

wipe unpolished nails with white vinegar to clean and prime the surfaces for nail polish. This treatment will help polish stay on longer

use toothbrush and toothpaste to clean office type stains (carbon, ink, etc.) off nails without damaging manicure

to remove paint from skin, put a little vegetable oil on skin

how to get rid of cellulite-grind flaxseeds that's in coffee grinder, sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons on oatmeal and add a touch of maple syrup

Prevent jet lag-put heaping tbs, of salt in cup of coffee as soon as you get onto a plane and drink it. 5 hours later drink another cup with salt. this will taste good. it'll be ur body talking telling you how grateful it is to be given salt

Using eye drops on a regular basis will worsen the problem of redness. the blood vessels will enlarge again in less and less time. make your own by adding 1 ounce of the whole dried herb eyebright to 1 pint of boiling water, let it steep for 10 minutes. strain it thoroughly through a superfine strainer or through unbleached muslin, wait until cool enough to use

Do not use artificial tear products that also get the red out, because your eyes can become dependent on them and when you stop, the problem will worsen and blood vessels will be more dialated than before.

If you use artificial tears make sure the box says preservative-free or non preserved

ask the butcher what day and time meat gets reduced

Ask the manager when the produce is fresh, ask for coupons and when sales will be
ask grocer if he offers a senior discount program

these are the worst times to go to a grocery store: weekends, weekday afternoons between 4 and 7 pm, afternoons before a holiday, during or just before a holiday weekend when a storm is predicted

head to your store's salad bar to buy veggies, they'll be a lot less expensive

buy nonperishable products at 99 cent type stores
request the size of meat u want. don't settle for the one square package

if your family were to reduce the amount of meat they eat at each meal from 11 ounces to 3, they save about 2,000 dollars a yr

apples are in season and cost less from october to march.

ham in easter.

sweet potatoes oct. to dec. store in cool dry place , will keep for 2 months.

turkey nov. to jan.

hot tea & soup in february.

canned food, and snacks in march.

peanuts, frozen foods, noodles in may

salad in june

iced tea, turkey, and dairy in july

ice cream in sept.

chicken, honey, and pretzels in oct.

living in the country is less safe than living in the city, because health care is worse and emergency vehicles take longer to reach you

when traveling overseas, choose bed and breakfasts which are cheaper than hotels. in the US bed and breakfasts are costlier than hotels

if u live near a culinary school, or university ask if they have a food service program and restaurant. the food will be cheap


when traveling put these in your pocket: a list of luggage contents and approx. value of carry-on & checked bags, numbers and denominations of your traveler's checks, copies of tickets, passport visas, license, credit card no., and any phone number you'll need

many countries including Canada, charge hefty sales taxes if your a nonresident u can apply for a refund when you return to the US. u must follow procedures exactly. before leaving home, call the embassy or consulate of each country you plan to visit to find out their policies

collect baby wipe containers and have your kids use them as toys, instead of buying expensive ones

when your kid comes back from college, have them change their address, because they'll be receiving credit card offers to their dorms, and thieves will steal the envelopes, robbing their identity.

when being attacked by a bear, use bear spray, raise arm and stretch above head ,if bear wants to attack

small claims court is a good place for a dispute. quick judgement, no attorneys, or long wait. 500 dollar limit. bring documents, what your claiming, tell the best story, bring evidence, and don't argue with judge. but it's better to settle than going to court.

don't put a "please don't service" sign on hotel or motel room door, it advertises a room is unoccupied with all your stuff . call the front desk instead..

instead of using urine on jellyfish stings, use vinegar or ocean water and sand to take stings out

Color Code

blue mascara makes eyes pop

use purple eyeshadow

use hot pink as cheek stain works on every skin tone

black cars get ticketed less red get more

best bedsheets color to have good dreams is purple. the worst is black

kitchen color that makes you eat less is purple. red, orange, and yellow are worst

healthiest color to eat is green

brunettes make more money 84,000 hired 8:3

men with mustaches make more money

best bridesmaids dress color is yellow

color a guy can wear for a girl to like him is blue

if your favorite color is:

yellow:positive, cheapness

red: sexiest, worst tempered, easily angered, raises heart rate

green:healthiest, envy

orange: positive energy,friendlier

pink: you have artistic qualities and are sensitive

purple: u have natural leadership

blue: you're the most popular