October 29, 2010

3D glasses warning!

I just saw that 3D glasses are covered with fecal bacteria and other bacteria that can cause yeast infections, and hair and skin infections. Yuck!

But you can kill the germs, just wipe the glasses with an antibacterial wipe.

Don't go here!

Medellin, Columbia murders happen if you are the first person seen by a man wanting to join a gang as initiation.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico many women have been murdered, without the culprits being caught.

Trans-Canada Highway many murders have never been solved here.

October 28, 2010

debt tips

never, ever pay with debut card or credit card, always with cash, you'll save load on interest, etc.

don't let bill collectors mail get past you, they might sue you, and you'll have to pay way more than you originally owed!

you'll be paying for court fees, attorneys, etc.

6 biggest lies about food

Myth 1: Eggs are bad for your heart.
The Truth: Eggs do contain a substantial amount of cholesterol in their yolks—about 211 mg per large egg. And yes, cholesterol is the fatty stuff in our blood that contributes to clogged arteries and heart attacks. But labeling eggs as “bad for your heart” is connecting the wrong dots, experts say. “Epidemiologic studies show that most healthy people can eat an egg a day without problems,” says Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., R.D., distinguished professor of nutrition at Penn State University. For most of us the cholesterol we eat doesn’t have a huge impact on raising our blood cholesterol; the body simply compensates by manufacturing less cholesterol itself. Saturated and trans fats have much greater impact on raising blood cholesterol. And a large egg contains only 2 grams of saturated fat and no trans fats. The American Heart Association recommends limiting cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg daily—less than 200 mg if you have a history of heart problems or diabetes or are over 55 (women) or 45 (men). “That works out to less than an egg a day for this population—more like two eggs over the course of the week,” notes Kris-Etherton.

October 22, 2010

don't drink this

decaff coffee, it's stripped of caffeine with bleach!

save money by...

asking what the lowest price a mattress has been sold at. tell them you've seen
similar options for less.

buying red, yellow, gold, green, or orange cars scare off thieves,therefore saving you money by your car not being stolen.

instead of reporting incident as flood or mold, say there's been damage to property, when filing claim inspection.

placing silica gel packets in tool box and box of photos. silica gels are found in shoeboxes. they will prevent moisture, but never eat them!

clean shower doors with a used and wet fabric softener sheet

When to do what

clothes shopping thursday evening

plane trip saturday at noon

end ebay auction on sunday night between 6pm and 10pm
when buying something wait two minutes before auction ends to bid

buy car monday at six

see doctor from tuesday to friday at 1pm
worst time is late afternoon. avoid mondays for routine appointments

call customer service wednesday at 2pm

October 21, 2010

Avoid theft

never, ever leave bags, purses, or anything in your car. if you must, cover those items with a cheap sweater or plastic bag. one of my family members carried her expensive gold jewelry in plastic grocery bags. one time she lost the bags, but they were returned to her, with everything intact!

October 3, 2010

Tips on tipping


Bellboys should be given $1 or 50-75 cents per bag; luxury hotels $2 each or $5 for several bags. No tip is necessary for desk clerk, elevator operator, or concierge. $1 is normal for doorman on arrival, more if special service is provided. 50 cent tip for doorman for calling taxi is standard. Chambermaid should be given $1.50 per night, left in envelope marked "For thee maid."


Allow 15-20% of pre-taxed bill for the waiter. Maitre d' hotel may be tipped a few dollars for good table location.


Tip approximately 15%

Other Occasions

Airport and railroad stations 50-75 cents per bag, minimum $1.

Haircut, shave, and shoeshining 15-20%

Restroom atendant 25-50 cents

Airline travel tips

When passing through security devices, it's better not to allow film or disks through detector.

If carryon is bulky, have it tagged and stored beneath plane as luggage.

When selecting coach seats, remember that bulkhead seats and seats along emergency exits, allow extra leg room. Seats in front of emergency exits, don't recline and be uncomfortable on long flights.

Tips for traveling executives

All non-reimbursed business expenses may be deducted from personal income forms. Save receipts, tickets, and diary entries.

Car expense accounts should include actual odometer readings of business day, gas, tolls, repairs, parking, and other auto related expeditures.

Business and entertainment expenses should be kept separately. Meals, entertainment, and gifts should be put on list with date, place, and purpose of meeting.

Important Numbers

Center for disease control


AAA Road service nationwide


Legal Services


Amtrak railroads


First Aid

Check the scene for safety

Check the victim for consciousness, breathing, pulse, and bleeding

Call 911

If conscious but choking, give abdominal thrusts

If they become unconscious clear mouth and give 2 slow breaths

If air won't go in, give up to 5 abdominal thrusts

Repeat all steps until help arrives

October 2, 2010

Watch out for ATM crooks

Make sure the slot where you slide your card isn't a skimmer device, shield your pin number from view, and keep a close eye on balance.

Don't buy fake perfumes!!

I saw a news story that says fake perfume sold at flea markets or swapmeets contain urine, bacteria, antifreeze, and many germs.

By using them, you'll end up with skin rashes.

Fake perfume boxes have loose celophane, are thin, and barcodes on the side instead of the back.

It's better not to buy perfumes, because cheap ones are filled with gross things and the real ones are expensive.

Facebook warning

Never click on those facebook ads to the right, because those companies will get your personal information and use it to scam you.

October 1, 2010

Never, ever

Never go with a bank robber or any kind of thief, kidnapper, etc. Fight for them not to take you from the place they want to take you from, or you might be raped or killed.