November 14, 2010

don't be a donor!

i saw this episode on the tv show 1000 ways to die, about a guy who was driving drunk and crashed and when the ambulance arrived, they assumed he was dead, but he wasn't, they saw his ID had the donor sticker and began taking his organs out, all while he was watching!! The name of the episode is Drunk Die-r.

Even if you don;t drive drunk, which you shouldn't, EMT's could assume you for dead, when your'e not.

ten air filtering plants

place any of these plants in your home:

bamboo palm

Chinese evergreen

English ivy

gerbera daisy

mass cane/corn plant

peace lily

pot mum

snake plant

striped dracaena

How to cure a cold

take up to 500 mg of vitamin C and up to three zinc lozenges a day.

eat chicken soup.

add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey to a mug of hot water; down it three to four times daily.

Four ways to prevent a cold

Eat Right

eating too much junk food, makes you blood sugar rise rapidly. eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables instead.


work out for 30 minutes a day. but don't exercise for two hours, it will be unhealthy

Wash hands correctly

scrub hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before eating and after using the bathroom

Watch your bag

carry a leather or vinylone, it can be cleaned easier with an antibacterial wipe

November 12, 2010

store loyalty cards

stores that have them, charge more than stores that don't have cards. buy discounted goods without worry, but before purchasing full price items, look closely at price tag.

so-called toning sneakers

they don't work any better than regular ones. you'll be wasting your money by buying toning ones.

how to make money

go to estate sales, auctions, secondhand stores, and tag sales to get discounts on merchandise that can later be sold.

pet safety

keep medicine drawers closed and take pills inside a locked bathroom, so your pet can't eat pills that may fall on floor.

multivitamin warning

don't take a multivitamin to prevent bowel cancer, it won't wonk. instead eat healthy food and exercise.

November 5, 2010

Car cleaning tips

spray alcohol on windshield wipers

don't use hot water to get ice off of windshield

put foam shaving cream on windows inside and out, then wipe off with
paper towel. also works on bathroom windows

start car on cold days with baking soda. mix baking soda with water to make
a thick paste. with scrub brush clean tops and sides of battery, dry with cloth. engine should be turned off before.

swipe headlights with car wax to clean.

ebay tricks

post auctions on Thursday and switch settings to ten days instead of seven.

Airborne chemicals

place spider plants, boston ferns, or plams in your house, they absorb pesky chemicals in the air, instead of using aerosol sprays, etc.