December 26, 2010

don't eat here!

at hotel salad bars, terrorists have poisoned them!

contact numbers to add to phone

taxi service, poison control, locksmith(or person who has extra set of keys), car towing service, and doctor

how to avoid traffic jams

go to

how to save

at museums, parks, and entertainment venues by saying you're a local. ask about reciprocity programs to get free admission to sister museums, etc

gift card alert

buy the ones behind the counter, because the ones on racks can have their balance stolen by thieves using a scanner

cancer prevention

eat 1 tbs. of lemon zest weekly, to shut down growth of abnormal cancer cells and cut risk of skin cancer by 30%. can be bought at health stores. sprinkle over soups or salads.

hair tips

instead of buying a clarifying shampoo, add 1 tsp.of apple cider vinegar to your regular shampoo bottle

generic multivitamins

work just as well as brand named ones

when feeling a headache

pullout a picture of a loved one, instead of taking a pain pill.

December 17, 2010

Three Ways You're Making Yourself Vulnerable to Cyber Crime

Do you wear seatbelts? Avoid raw eggs? Get a flu shot? In other words, do you behave in ways aimed at protecting your safety and your overall health? Now answer this: Do you have a password on your mobile phone? Do you tell your social networking sites where you are?

If so, you're not as safety-conscious as you thought. You're opening yourself up to a burgeoning world of cybercrime that is possible through mobile devices. And you are far from alone.

Unprotected devices

About one-third of the folks surveyed access the Internet via their mobile phone. And more than half of those do not have a password protecting the device. Think about what happens if you leave that phone in a cab. Not only does the person who find it have access to your entire contact list, he may be able to read emails that come from your bank, phone providers, and retailers you've made purchases from. Just like dumpster diving identity thieves are able to apply for credit in your name based on information they pull out of your trash or your mailbox, one who snags your phone could do the same.

Your Whereabouts

Changing your status or sending out a 140-character blast to reveal details about where you are -- "In Jamaica and it's 80 degrees. Lucky me!" or "Stuck in horrific traffic and won't be home in time for Top Chef" – is akin to leaving a stack of newspapers in your driveway. You're telling anyone who wants to rob your house that you're a.) not there right now and b.) won't be there for a while. Posting vacation pictures to your social networking site can do the exact same thing. In fact, the survey showed one-in-10 of people polled under the age of 35 had posted location-revealing information online within the hour of being surveyed. And that's without the aid of geolocation technology that allows a website to know exactly where you are. Only 15% of those surveyed understood that concept well enough to explain it.

Password malaise

This may be the most frightening of all: 42% of the survey population never changes their passwords on social networking sites and 31% never changes them with their banks. As if that weren't enough, many of those passwords are not strong enough to begin with. It's amazing to me that even in this day and age, the most popular password – according to consumer advocate Herb Weisbaum – is, wait for it, 123456. C'mon. Your passwords should be 10 characters, a combination of letters and numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with your real life. (No pet names, child names, birthdays.) And you should change them every few months without fail. Why? Because 66% of consumers would rather have bedbugs than be a victim of cybercrime – which costs hundreds of dollars and takes a full month to unwind, on average. Changing a few simple behaviors can help.

December 16, 2010

Be careful around...

swimming pools and jacuzzis because if the suction cup gets a hold of your shorts it'll attach itself to your intestines and suck out all your organs.

warning, don't do this!

don't back up your car into anything, or you'll car will fill up with carbon monoxide and poison you.

don't eat live snails, their parasites will go up your brain and eat it.

don't yell at a rat if it's in front of you, it'll bite you

never dive and fly on the same day, you'll get decompression sickness, and lose your ability to function.

December 15, 2010

Danger in Houston

they have pill mills there, where doctors prescribe for fake pains. a man working undercover got 120 of each of these: Vicodin, a muscle relaxant, and Xanax.

don't do this

heat water if you are going to be in a water dunking tank, like they have at carnivals. a man got electrocuted because the heater got knocked out.

Don't eat these plants

oleander, foxglove, or hemlock they will all cause death

Always do this

get a second or third opinion on everything, because the first opinion could be wrong

Don't do this!

don't spit phlegm or mucus onto the ground because it'll evaporate and will then contaminate the air!

Avoid this trap!

if you get a call from someone saying they're a government agent and tell you you'll be going to jail for not attending jury duty, but can bypass it, by paying, hang up. No government agent will ever call you. These scammers will ask for you day of birth, social security number, and credit card information to charge you.

How to Avoid Airport Gripes

fly nonstop as often as possible
fly first class
seats behind the toilets are the worst
be as early as you can be at airport

Blackout in a can!

It's not just beer or shots you have to look out for. Caffeinated alcoholic drinks like Four Loko pack up to 12 percent alcohol (three times more than beer!) and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. So you get drunk fast but don't feel it because the caffeine revs you up, making you want to drink more

How to spot a party predator

he dares or teases you into drinking

does he encourage you to do shots or chug a beer? he's bad news

he takes you away from your friends

when he tries to lead you to an empty room or plays keep-away with your cell, beware

he tries to intimidate you

if he attempts to get you to hook up, by saying," I can have anyone else here," or "I thought you were cool," he's trying to coerce you.

For Womyn only

have a better period

don't smoke

research has linked smoking to major PMS gripes like back pain, breast aches, and acne. because it messes with your hormone levels. The longer you smoke, the more likely you are to suffer, so quit now to avoid period problems for life

ease up on candy & carbs

eating a lot of cookies, cake, and white bread triggers production of insulin, a hormone that causes the lining of uterus to build up faster. a thicker lining means a heavier, crampier period, its better to pick healthy whole grain breads and naturally sweet snacks, like fruit.

drink tea

drinking a cup of decaf green tea or chamomile can help, when you're crampy

take a calcium supplement

all those natural remedies or herbal "PMS" formulas don't work. calcium supplements may ease PMS symptoms, including moodiness and bloating. Take 500 mg twice a day: one with breakfast and one with dinner. Taking the supplement with food is key, it helps the body absorb the calcium and use it.

Is your period normal?

talk to your doc if:
you bleed for more than seven days
you go less than three weeks or more than six weeks between periods
you skip more than one period or stop menstruating for more than two months
don't panic, your doc can prescribe a pain pill, test for hormone imbalances, or put you on birth control pills to make you regular

Flu Prevention

viruses live in mucus and saliva so always sneeze into a tissue or into your arm
keep your plans if coughing, sneezing, and stuffiness are your only symptoms, try to rest as much as possible

stay home if congested with muscle or joint pain, chills, fatigue, or a fever. temperature over 101? see doctor ASAP

why people get sick:

test stress
your body pumps out adrenaline to get you through crunch times, like exam week. This adrenaline can also decrease your body's T-cell levels, they are your best defense against illness.


parties may mean alcohol and exposure to smoke both which paralyze microscopic hairs in nose that keep germs out of airways. lack of sleep also lowers resistance to illness.


cold temperatures keep you inside where its warm and cozy, indoor heating systems dry out the mucus that washes away bacteria and viruses from nose and lungs, you're also cooped up with everyone else's germs too


don't put luggage and clothes on hotel room bed or floor and sleep on an airbed to avoid bringing home bed bugs

spray bug repellent on luggage

Watch out for food!

eat at places where workers have on gloves and hairnets

fruits in containers sold at restaurants contain bacterias, if not at appropriate temperature

hot food is put in cold temperature cabinets
raw meat is on counter

these are all infractions at small restaurants at places like Walmart, the mall, etc.

the reason why they continue to exist, is because they fix the problems, but months or a yr later, they continue to do the same things, and it becomes a cycle

don't take free samples given out with toothpicks. the person may have put eye drops on and their eye mucus could migrate to the toothpicks.

Eating Tips

a lot of tea without water is bad, a glass of water should accompany every glass of tea

pull eye and apply eyeliner, but not so much

there's a lack of vitamins and minerals by eating lots of junk food

don't overexercise, it could make bones brittle