April 23, 2012

ensure the entire surface of each tooth is scrubbed to a sparkling white

women who wear grapefruit scents, appear 12 lbs thinner on average. mix 10 drops of grapefruit oil with 3 ounces of water in spray bottle and spritz on pulse points

eat half a grapefruit per day and you'll cut your risk of colds by as much as 25%, plus you'll recover faster if you do fall ill.

women who sip 4 to 8 oz. of red wine daily are 40% less likely to catch colds.

April 1, 2012

foods that improve body's defenses are

apricots, tomatoes, and pomegranates boosting SPF effectiveness. even if you sit in the shade, sand and water can reflect up to 85% of sunlight. reapply SPF every 2 hrs.

how to save money

keep a list of 5 things your saving for in front of your wallet, that way you won't overspend!

instead of using the ATM, do a once a week withdrawal at the bank

use money, that way you'll spend less, than by using a debit card

avoid the 35 dollar overdraft bank fees, by using a card like SpendSmart prepaid mastercard. balance can be
checked via text

use a credit card like BankAmericard or Chase freedom

use your student id for discounts

answer receipt surveys for discounts and sweepstakes

how to relieve a headache

squeeze inner edge of eyebrows, by your nose, and hold for 3 seconds

repeat on arch of eyebrows, one more time near temples

breathe in and out deeply