April 30, 2010

When a thief or gun shot confronts you

Slow things down, tell me your name and how much money you have

Defend yourself with your shoes,bag, belt, whatever you have

Concentrate on neck and hit them there

When you hear a gun shot, get down behind something, take two to three seconds, DON'T PLAY DEAD!! Escape cover to cover (behind trash can, etc), when getting shot at run zigzag and get rid of bright clothes, high heels, anything that can slow you from running!

When you get pulled over

Put both hands on the steering wheel

Put on interior light

Say you don't want to take the breathalyzer test.

Say no when they ask if they can search your car.

Money Saving Tips

Eat 1/4 cup of walnuts to prevent dandruff.

Use a pump for the shampoo.

Let soap sit for one month before using, so it can harden.

Use foam soap.

ask hotels for corporate discount before final booking.

Tips for cars, women, and everyone

When your car won't start up, put 2 aspirin in battery.

To remove stains from clothes: Put 5 aspirin under water, smooth pills over sweat, let dry overnight, then rinse hot.

To reduce speeding ticket insurance rate plead not guilty, show up to court.

Resubmit health insurance bill, ask doctor for letter.

To lower doctor bills, talk to senior level administrator and request a more reasonable price.

Hope these tips help!

April 29, 2010

I bought a new computer!!

I bought myself a new HP mini!! It's is so cute!!

Hopefully I can finally work online with it.