December 15, 2010

For Womyn only

have a better period

don't smoke

research has linked smoking to major PMS gripes like back pain, breast aches, and acne. because it messes with your hormone levels. The longer you smoke, the more likely you are to suffer, so quit now to avoid period problems for life

ease up on candy & carbs

eating a lot of cookies, cake, and white bread triggers production of insulin, a hormone that causes the lining of uterus to build up faster. a thicker lining means a heavier, crampier period, its better to pick healthy whole grain breads and naturally sweet snacks, like fruit.

drink tea

drinking a cup of decaf green tea or chamomile can help, when you're crampy

take a calcium supplement

all those natural remedies or herbal "PMS" formulas don't work. calcium supplements may ease PMS symptoms, including moodiness and bloating. Take 500 mg twice a day: one with breakfast and one with dinner. Taking the supplement with food is key, it helps the body absorb the calcium and use it.

Is your period normal?

talk to your doc if:
you bleed for more than seven days
you go less than three weeks or more than six weeks between periods
you skip more than one period or stop menstruating for more than two months
don't panic, your doc can prescribe a pain pill, test for hormone imbalances, or put you on birth control pills to make you regular

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