October 3, 2010

Tips on tipping


Bellboys should be given $1 or 50-75 cents per bag; luxury hotels $2 each or $5 for several bags. No tip is necessary for desk clerk, elevator operator, or concierge. $1 is normal for doorman on arrival, more if special service is provided. 50 cent tip for doorman for calling taxi is standard. Chambermaid should be given $1.50 per night, left in envelope marked "For thee maid."


Allow 15-20% of pre-taxed bill for the waiter. Maitre d' hotel may be tipped a few dollars for good table location.


Tip approximately 15%

Other Occasions

Airport and railroad stations 50-75 cents per bag, minimum $1.

Haircut, shave, and shoeshining 15-20%

Restroom atendant 25-50 cents

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Fickle Cattle said...

So expensive. Another tip could be to eat at home? :-p

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