January 7, 2012

How to look good in a photograph

1.Position yourself right

Make sure the photographer is just a tiny bit below your eye level. That will elongate your body and make you look thinner. If you're shot from above, you could look squat.

2. head it off

First, stretch your neck up (like a flamingo). Then lower your chin a little and look into camera, this will help avoid double chins.

3. don't say cheese

Don't say anything at all. Talking makes it easy for you to be caught up in a weird moment. Open your mouth like you're in the middle of saying cheese.

4. shift your weight

Then put the leg that's holding less weight slightly in front of the other. Turn body at a three-quarter angle to the camera, but keep face looking forward. You'll look curvy, with a smaller waist. This is what celeb's do to look thinner! Never put hands behind back or you'll look out of proportion.

5. look up

Stare just above the lens-this will open your eyes and make it look like you're energized. And blink, so you won't look like glassy eyed freak.

6. don't freeze

Don't stiffen up, when the photographer counts to three.

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